Mean Machine

This is the sewing machine my aunt gave me as a wedding present. I’ll give you the tour.

You can see that it sits down into the table. There’s a drawer on the far end.

It doesn’t look like it but it goes from a stitch so tiny it’s almost sewing on the spot to a stitch as wide as my thumb nail.

It’s got a pile of seam allowance guides. I really missed having that on my old machine but as I found out yesterday, it still doesn’t mean I can sew in a straight line.

Part of it is just a plastic cover that slots out. This is really handy for sewing things like sleeves.

There is a flap at the front that folds up…

…so you can fold the flap the machine is connected to down into the table.

The flap folds back down and there’s another bit that you slot in to complete a solid table. The drawer at the front is just pretend. You can store the extra bits that complete the table/machine in the drawer at the end when you don’t need them. The power cord goes up in under the table and is totally out of the way. It’s possible to detach the machine and use it separate from the table, of course. But the whole thing is pretty neat and it sews wonderfully.

Obviously, the first thing I had to do was sew a cover!

4 thoughts on “Mean Machine

  1. oh man, my mom had a machine cum table pretty much like that: memories!!!! (and I wish I had the space for such a table here, and the time and energy to hunt for a vintage machine)

    Congrats on your machine!!!!!

  2. That’s a great machine. My grandmother had one just like it, and I learned how to sew on it. Hers had a knee lever instead of a foot pedal, and it confused me when I got my own machine with a foot pedal. Have fun with it!

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