Monday Meringues

I was the flea market yesterday and picked up a few meringues from Caryna. She had all manner of nibbles, like biscuits, brownies and rice-krispie buns. I got these because they were cheap. I hadn’t been to the flea in months because I’ve been so busy. I stayed about an hour, I had an espresso and a rice-krispie bun and browsed about. I found a lovely fuschia halter-neck knee-length dress for €5, perfect for playing in. And I picked up a few gluten free supplies in the co-op.

Remember yesterday how I said that I’ve been having problems with my sewing machine? Well, long story short, my aunt ended up giving me a vintage Singer tailor’s machine as a wedding present. We went and picked it up on Saturday. It has all the things my old Brother lacked: a slow, controlled start; good variety of stitch width and length; moveable needle; seam guides; no bobbin problems. It doesn’t do any fancy stitches, just zig-zags, but I haven’t had a situation yet where I found myself wanting. Apparently there is a box of additional pieces that I’ll be able to pick up next week so hopefully there’ll be a zipper-foot included. My aunt had it serviced and, as a woman that taught dress design most of her life, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to give any problems. It comes with a table that it sits into and can be folded away (though we haven’t figured that bit out yet). When I get it all set up, I’ll post a picture!

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