WIP: Anna Cami

Before Christmas, I made Amy Butler’s Anna Tunic. I made the dress version in a wool/cashmere and lined it in a heavy silk/satin. I wore it a lot during the snow but otherwise, it turned out almost oppressively warm! I really enjoyed making it, though, and vowed to make a more summery version.

I picked up a medium-weight cotton in Trimmings the day I got the navy polka-dot stuff and had some cream lining left over from the Socialite dress.

Got my seams to line up in the yoke. Managed to cut out part of my yoke lining in the wrong direction. It doesn’t matter because it’s just for the lining but I’d the whole thing sewn together before I noticed. Grain lines matter!

Button loops worked out well until I realised that I’d sewed them into the wrong side of the yoke. I pushed them around so they look ok but they don’t lie as flat as they were.

Thanks to the vast amount of gathers on the Socialite dress, working the gathers for the front of this wasn’t too problematic and I think I avoided any noticeable tucks. I had to run a gathering thread through the lining for the back panel because I cut the piece a little too generously. A tiny amount of gathers helped me ease it in when I sewed it to the yoke. I had other issues with the yoke that I’ll talk more about when I finish off the top… All entirely of my own doing, of course!

Just some hemming to do and it’ll be ready to wear.

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