I Vant to Suck Your Bluuuddd

This is the best anti-vampire jumper ever….better than onions and garlic together! because you’ll never get your head even through the neck hole!

I was a bit zonked out this evening, so I just kept decreasing away. I was half paying attention to Elizabeth Zimmerman’s advice about shaping the back of the neck: she says to keep the front neck stitches on a life-line, and then keep doing decreases on the back neck stitches until the portion of stitches for the arms have been decreased into oblivion. It makes sense, and even looks right, except that I can’t even fit my HAND through the hole, let alone my head. However, I tried it on, and whilst I was in there, it felt nice and roomy otherwise.

You can see the purl rows on the front there that I was on about in my post yesterday. They’re pretty. I think I might rip back about 20 rows (don’t panic! this includes the back neck shaping) and try it again from there.

I didn’t really feel like doing that again tonight, so I mattress-seamed up one of my arm holes. I know invisible seams aren’t exactly the most spectacular things to look at, but here’s a picture anyway.

Boy, I have been really getting stuck into my podcasts. I had to get the bus all the way over to Sandymount today to teach, and my projects are too big to take anywhere. So I had a good time catching up on Pixie Purls. Thanks to Karen who commented earlier and pointed out that I’d missed out on Irie Knits. Cheers! I’ll add it to the list… and it’s downloading as I type 🙂

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