Vado, ma dove?

It has been constantly one thing after another since my last post. There has been knitting interspersed but not an awful lot, unfortunately. So shortly after my last post, I got to play for National Music Day. Directly after that, the violin duo I played in won the Elsner cup for Duo playing at Dublin Feis. Between that and Easter, I spent trying to recover a concert I had spent the last six months organising in Viarmes, France. My violinist decided to… not do the concert… with less than two weeks’ notice. I have a flautist friend who wanted to go instead, so all was not lost, apart from my Easter holidays which I spent learning an entirely new programme!

We travelled to France over the May bank holiday weekend. My point of contact was the lady who heads up the town twinning committee for Viarmes with Tubbercurry (which is where I’m from). She was nothing less than utterly amazing in her organisation so I knit her this shawl in the delicious Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca Silk.

It was a much easier knit than I expected it to be. I used three skeins of the Alpaca Silk and although it was already far too warm there for her to wear it, she loved it.

When I got back from France, I was busy playing for my students’ practicals in the IT, in NUIM, for end-of-term concerts for DIT Chamber Choir and of course, my own Masters recital! Through all of this mayhem, I was receiving my monthly installments from the Hedgehog Fibres fibre club. One package was this…

…and another was this, with its own matching draw-string bag…

I’m saving them all for the Tour de Fleece!

Like I said, there has been sporadic knitting. Although I am finished with college, I still have more exams to play for in NUIM and to compound my stress levels, I agreed to be rehearsal pianist for La Traviata for the next two weeks. I just wanted to start things that I knew I liked. Like another Heather Hoodie.

And another Audrey in Unst.

I can tell you now that there won’t be much time for knitting over the next two weeks but I’m going to post photos from the rehearsals to keep you guys up to date 😉

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