There and back

We spent the weekend in London. We went primarily to catch the Toronto Raptors (which was brilliant! one of the best things I’ve ever been to!) but we had some time for other things. We swung by the Tate Modern and did the London Eye. We wandered a lot. Its infrastructure, a scratch-for-every-itch, bubbling populace makes it very similar to New York but I think the charm of London is the narrow, winding streets and the Alice-in-Wonderland feel to wandering around.

I had time to knit and finished Celaeno last night when we got home.

I haven’t had a chance to block it out yet. There’s something I really like about unblocked lace.

I ran out of yarn two rows from the end but I don’t think it really affected the end of the lace pattern very much. I also finished up a pair of garter mitts for my dad.

The pattern is Ysolda’s and the yarn is possum/merino that my friend Heidi sent me from New Zealand. I already knit Dad a beanie from this yarn but had enough left over to make these. They are extremely warm!

And my London spoils? We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Loop in Islington. If Cath Kidston or Avoca opened up a knitting shop, this would be it. It is filled with gorgeous yarns, many from renowned dyers such as Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh, Hand Maiden and Juno, as well as a variety of needles, bags of all sizes, journals and notebooks, shawl pins, books and so on. Most of what they stocked I knew I could get from my own This is Knit so I hunted quickly for things I couldn’t get at home and didn’t cost the earth. I came up with these:

The shawl pin is a funny purpley-brown (I thought it was just a normal brown but the light was dim). The yarn is a whopping 825 yards of extra fine lambswool in dark navy. The packet is full of T-pins for blocking and I’ll be using them later for my Celaeno!

It was a super trip and I’d like to go back again sometime. My thanks, of course, to Alb for bringing me to see the Raptors. True to form, we lost both games!

5 thoughts on “There and back

  1. I’ll be in London myself, leaving from here in america on the 18th. So excited to see Big Ben, the Eye etc and of course yarn shops..I hate being a tourist so usually I’m not, but I’ve been wanting to see Ben since I was a little girl.

    Your shawl is beautiful by the way and I only can hope to find a yarn shop with all the goodies you mentioned 🙂 Most stores here in the states, least in my area, don’t have malabrigo, I always have to order by post and I like to squeeze first xx

  2. Love the shawl pin… I suppose I’ll have to get its twin soon! 😉

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