My favourite things #2: Ebooks

It is great to see e-readers gaining popularity. I have had mine for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has cut my consumption of paper goods to a fraction of what it was. I think that this, coupled with the platform that Ravelry gives to independent designers to sell their patterns digitally, has pushed the concept of knitting patterns into a new realm. There’s the instant gratification of it – when you download a pattern, you have it instantly. In the same vein, you can hold off on buying a pattern until you really need it; there’s no physical limitation on how many are available. It’s less wasteful and therefore cheaper – no paper and no shipping. The whole idea of Ravelry downloads, and downloads of patterns in general (like from Webs, Patternfish or Chic Knits) has really expanded over the last few years.

I also really like the idea of knowing that the money is going straight to the designer… I think this is the main reason that independent design and publishing has flourished. Recently there have been a few releases of knitting e-books that really caught my fancy. First up is Westknit’s Book Two. His website is here and you can see what Book One was like here. Book Two isn’t listed there yet but you can see all the projects in it through the Ravelry link above or on Flickr.

These Splitbark mittens were my first love from the collection. It has a complimenting hat, too.

At first glance, I wasn’t that captivated with the collection as a whole but when I saw what other peoples’ projects looked like, I was convinced. The collection is available in print and digitally and I think all of the patterns are available individually, too.

Another e-book that made my day was the release of Veera’s Book of Gray. I have knit a number of Veera’s patterns and wear them all the time so this I found very exciting. My clear favourite is Graystone.

All of the patterns are available to buy individually although I ended up with the whole collection. I can really see myself knitting my way through the whole thing.

My last favourite isn’t new at all – it’s Romi’s 7 Small Shawls to Knit. This has been an on-going project where she releases one pattern a month or so. I think there is now only one left to go. They are all beautiful and quite different from each other. They are designed to use up your precious single skeins of sock yarn or hand-dyed yarn. I love them all! I think I even found the perfect shawl for my wedding. Sure! I don’t have a dress or invitations or any of that stuff done but the knitting is sorted!

Needless to say, I have already cast on for the Splitbark mittens so stay tuned for some progress pictures!

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