Could it be?

Everything caught up with me and I crashed at the weekend. Yesterday I had a day at home. Lately the weather has been really awful with howling wind and rain but yesterday afternoon, the sun came out and the wind abated. I hopped on my bike and got down to the Botanic Gardens for a walk around. Call it a reconnaissance mission for spring.

See that dark cloud there? Ten minutes later, I was sheltering in that very glasshouse from a shower. But it passed in a very spring-like way and I wended my way to another glasshouse whereupon I found these!

Nothing says ‘spring’ more than daffodils.

Sure, they’re miniatures and sure, they’re in a sheltered house but still: there is hope, knitters! There is hope!

3 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. oh my gosh, daffodils!! we are still in full on winter mode here, but it’s so cheery to see that someone has daffodils.

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