FO: Damson and a few other bits and bobs

My silence here has been entirely due to a good thaw and my being able to get back on two wheels again. There was much rejoicing. Something tells me that this is to be short-lived, though, as we are to expect yet more snow over the weekend. Oh well! Let us make hay ride bikes while the sun shines – and knit wool while the snow falls!

Here is my Damson.

Yarn: Cashmere lace from Hedgehog Fibres in Nutmeg.

Needles: 4mm knitpicks interchangeables.

The yarn was nothing short of a treat to work with. And the colours! When I wound the skein, I thought that there was rather a lot of green in it but the overall effect is really lovely.

It is extremely warm and light so needless to say, it’s been getting a lot of wear these days. The pattern was straight forward and would probably make a good beginner’s shawl.

I finished my Heather Hoodie in double-quick time. It took a few days to dry fully from blocking but it was definitely worth it. I will talk more about it when I get some modelled shots.

The buttons I got a long time ago in Knoppenwinkel, Amsterdam. Happy memories!

There was wool on special in Lidl last week so I got a bag of brown sock wool – four 50g balls for something like €3.99! – and cast on for a pair of legwarmers.

I’m really not into the ’80s throwback fashion that’s been ongoing but they do seem like useful things. Sometimes my knees get cold on the bike and sometimes my ankles get cold when I’m sitting in the evening.

Are you noticing a trend with the brown? I can’t stop myself. I have officially fallen in love. I even acquired some yummy Cushendale DK wool in this fabulous peaty colour to make a cardigan.

I have been memorising a Prokofiev sonata the last few days and have found it hard work on my hands. I have begun to realise the importance of appropriate rest so I took up some embroidery. More handkerchiefs!

7 thoughts on “FO: Damson and a few other bits and bobs

  1. oh, so much gorgeous knitting!! the yarn you chose for your Damson is so unbelievably gorgeous. And your embroidery is lovely!!

  2. Ah I used to do a lot of stitching before the knitting really took over. Love the floral motif but especially the Russian Doll.

  3. I bought the very same brown sock wool, I haven’t knit a thing since Emm’s dress, and am even less likely to when the little bundle arrives, but I just couldn’t stop myself! Dark brown features a good bit in my wardrobe, usually paired with bright colours. It’s a great colour for people like me, who aren’t sallow enough to get away with black!
    like the idea of a lightweight but warm triangular scarf, like your damson!
    the hoodie is lovely, looks nice and warm, too!
    embroidered hankies… my sis and I got some kind of needle work project almost every christmas, I remember crocheting lace around a hanky one year! I think I finished all projects except for the rug hooking pillow, I liked the little round bundles of cut threads but hated the process…

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