December 5, 2010


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An unusual change in our weather resulted in about 20cm (8 inches) of snow being dumped on us here in the east during the past week. Temperatures have plummeted so even though we haven’t had any fresh snow since Thursday, it’s not going anywhere quickly.

I don’t have particularly strong feelings about snow. Some people love it, others loathe it. All that bothers me is how the country really struggles to cope with a sudden bout of bad weather. When conditions deteriorate as forecasted, lack of organisation and snap decisions result in chaos. My last day in college was Wednesday. We were unceremoniously turfed out of the building at 4pm only to face cancelled bus services city-wide. I am lucky that I live only 5km from the city centre so I walked home along with countless others.

It is easy to compare to others countries and complain how disorganised we are but really, we are totally unaccustomed to such severe weather. Councils don’t have the necessary machinery; people lack driving experience on ice and snow; even appropriate clothing and footwear is hard to come by for a good price. And really, what is the point of acquiring these things when it will probably melt in a few days?

I must wait it out and bear with the tedium. I miss riding my bike. I miss being able to wear a normal amount of clothes. I miss being able to go to work or collegeand not turn up completely destroyed from the knees down by salt, grit and sludge. Knitters, let us bow our needles and knit for rain.



  1. yes, i want rain too,
    and no more stress caused by knowing i will have to drive along a narrow windy road which is ungritted and a sheet of ice….
    ho hum, roll on thursday or friday, it’s supposed to get milder then for the weekend…
    You’re right, there is no point in comparing us to Sweden or Minnesota, although I do wish we could cope better here with this.
    night, stay warm

    Comment by liz — December 5, 2010 @ 22:08

  2. You got more snow than we did here in Denver! and in Denver, the snow melts quickly because of the sun. Stay warm!!!
    Wool with you ;-)

    Comment by Laurence — December 6, 2010 @ 00:57

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