When in doubt, knit

We are paying dearly for our long, beautiful autumn as the weather has suddenly turned and we now find ourselves struggling with snow and skating along on paths. Initially the Met said the cold turn wasn’t unusual but have now revised their opinion to include words like ‘record-breaking’ and ‘extreme’. Temperatures this week are set to plummet to -5 and -10 Celcius with more snow forecast each day. This news alone, my friends, is ample reason to retreat to one’s knitting with force, energy and resolve.

On Friday I hastened myself to This is Knit as I noticed that they were selling Twilley’s Freedom Purity for noticeably less than Hickey’s. Enough was bought for the Heather Hoodie. Swatching was immediate and the back was half-knit by the time the first snow fell.

The only problem with being so cold that all I wanted to do was knit on blindly, as if struggling on in a blizzard towards the oasis of wool that I know lies somewhere before me, was that I totally forgot to cast on the two fronts along with the back. It was only when I had half the back piece knit that I looked at it and thought it was a bit small to go all the way around… ah. Ok. So I am now resigned to knitting the pieces and sewing it up.

The yarn is so… wonderful. Truly that is the only adjective that can come close. It is soft, springy, lofty, warm to touch and sheepy to smell. It softly calls my name at night, beseeching me to come, knit more. I know I want to. However, this got here first.

Hedgehog Fibres, Lace Cashmere. I couldn’t help myself. The process which led me to buy not only cashmere but brown cashmere was a lengthy one. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a brown skirt. To that date, I had never possessed one item of brown clothing. I was never even tempted. But these are the things that happen when you have an 8am job and find yourself in Zara at 10am, already finished for the day. One begins to think crazy thoughts such as, it will match my coat! It will match the saddle of my bike! I can knit a brown scarf to match! Queue a few days of tiresome work and increasingly cold weather and you find yourself stalking the Nutmeg colourway very, very quickly. Anyway, the pattern is Damson. It’s pretty easy to follow and was perfect for the weekend, when all I wanted to do was hibernate.

Warm, woolly wishes to you all – I hope you have something warm, fast and satisfying on your needles to keep you going. Take care on the footpaths. Take care of your nearby elderly. And don’t forget your garden birds. They’ll thank you in the spring with their unrelenting song!

4 thoughts on “When in doubt, knit

  1. both the sweater and that gorgeous shawl are looking great!! I hear you abotu the cold- we feed the squirrels quite a bit, and the birds are happy to pick over the crumbs.

  2. I too love the Purity, and have been wanting to buy a bagful of it for ages now. It looks and feels like it would be the squishiest thing to knit.

  3. lovely post, i agree with the sentiments exactly, ie feed the birds, be careful on the paths and roads, look out for the elderly, and most of all I empathise totally with wool that calls my name, that heather hoodie looks divine!!!!
    if only they all knit we’d be in a better place….

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