FO: Twentyten cardigan

I really liked this cardigan when it first came out but decided against making it because I didn’t see much sense in the short sleeves. I reconsidered when, only a few weeks after getting Bertha, I found myself wishing for sweaters with more neck coverage and less sleeves. I get quite warm on the bike, regardless what the weather is doing, but need something covering my bare neck. This ended up as a good solution!

Pattern: Twentyten Cardigan from Veera. Noticing a theme here?!

Needles: 5mm knitpicks circular.

Yarn: Garnstudio Nepal from The Constant Knitter.

I’m not a big fan of moss stitch but this turned out pretty well. You might notice that my button band slants in the opposite direction to the direction in the pattern picture. This may have something to do with me forgetting which side is the right/wrong side! It didn’t make any difference really. Aside from the moss stitch, the slanted band and buttonholes took a bit of concentration. I am amazed my buttons look as evenly spaced as they do!

The only modification I made was to omit the side shaping. It is very A-line and I thought it might not be the most flattering shape. So I cast on the number of stitches specified for after the shaping and just worked straight to the armholes. I was actually a bit worried it wouldn’t fit but it turned out nice and fitted.

It is absolutely perfect for on the bike. I wear a light mac, this and a long sleeved top and I am perfectly comfortable.

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