Today, I have a brief interlude. I had two competitions yesterday; I have a concert on Friday; another competition on Tuesday; piano bursary competition on Thursday. The competitions are part of Dublin Feis Ceoil, a music festival that happens every year. It’s one of the biggest feiseanna in the country. I’ve never won anything there before, so imagine my surprise when I came away with this chunk of silver yesterday.

I came second in my other competition too. Yay! I was sort of hoping I’d win both, but I played my very very best in the other one and the adjudicator just didn’t like my style, so nuts to him I say. I didn’t get in until 1130 last night so I’m taking a bit of time off this morning :}

Let me show you the Great Purple Jumper I keep on about.

There’s the sleeve lying on top of the body. I keep sticking my arm into the sleeve as I’m going along because it looks sort of small. But it stretches out ok. I hope it doesn’t turn out into some sort of malproportioned monstrosity. Here’s a better look at my increases for the sleeve.

I did alot more on the skull hat a few weeks ago and never showed a picture. I took this project on to teach myself proper intarsia knitting. There is a knack to it. I like it but I don’t think I’d have the patience to knit a fair isle jumper.

And lastly, here is some more wool that I bought a while ago. I knitted Cathode last summer from this wool. It turned out great but it’s just not my kind of jumper 🙁 So, when I got my Loop-d-Loop book, I decided to use the wool to knit the Lace Leaf sweater instead. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough wool, so when I spied some of the same when I was out wool shopping last week, I picked up a few balls to make sure I’d have enough.

I’m really looking forward to starting it, it looks really fun.

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