On the road again

This time I’m involved in the music for a one man play called Tom Loves a Lord. We played Friday night in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway. (The theatre gives a good synopsis of the play). I wanted to post about it before the night but we were so involved in rehearsals and set up on Thursday and Friday that I simply did not have one spare moment.

Here we are about fifteen minutes before starting.

Martin Dyar, the ‘one man’ part of ‘one man play’, also wrote it. I must say, it is interesting, easy to follow and most of all, funny. His conception comes across so clearly. The structure is simple but the language is so full of nuance that each character is convincing with their own quirks and contradictions.

We help to punctuate the rhythm of the play with songs from Moore’s Melodies. Luckily, the songs Martin chose are some of my favourites: The Last Rose of Summer, Silent O Moyle and the beautiful Lambert arrangement of She is Far From the Land.

The most important bit!

Anna Louise I know from secondary school. We were reacquainted through competitions that I was the set accompanist for and so, here we are! It’s a small world.

Last night, my violinist Elina and I played for a town twinning concert in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, where I am from. I must confess to being very tired after the rehearsals and performance on Friday night but it came off fine. We were warmly received and it was so nice to meet many people that I hadn’t seen in over a year. It was what Elina calls a ‘karma gig’, because we didn’t get paid for it, but we were invited to their town in France to give a recital in our own right. That, to us, is payment enough!

Tom Loves a Lord runs Wednesday, November 3rd in Charlestown Arts Centre, Co. Mayo at 8pm as part of the John Healy weekend, and again Saturday, November 6th in Anaverna House, Ravensdale, Dundalk at 8pm. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Aileen!!! Thank you so much for your kind comment. It definitely is a rare job and I’m very lucky! In the beginning of my knitting career I followed a bunch of knitters online. You and Ysolda Teague were two knitters that I looked at and thought; ‘I can do that too, teach, design, make it my job.’
    Nowadays I take way to little time to read up on all the blogs. I should go on a blog diet I guess (what else is new?)
    I remember you once offered to test-knit. Do you still want to? Please mail me at sasknitsitagain hotmail if you do.

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