March 26, 2006

I wanted to post this last friday but my hosting went down and I couldn’t. I also went home to Sligo for the weekend, and promptly forgot about all things that involved effort. So check out the excellent box my Secret Pal sent me! Show ▼

In other project news, my purple jumper body has miraculously completed itself. I think I’ve been getting some help from the elves on this one. I started the first sleeve this morning.

Crochet has been taking over my life! Have a gander at this hat I finished in just one evening. The pattern is ‘Boy Beanie’ from HH.

I recently started following Tottenham Hotspurs, and these are their colours. It’s a really nice spring cap, for the days when it’s just too warm for the Mighty Ear Flaps. I made it out of Tivoli Chunky Acyrlic, which is cheap and soft. Their 100g balls are pretty generous too; I’ve more than enough left over to make another.

Here is my fat-bottomed bag, also from HH. I used two random balls of wool that have been bugging me for about two years. There was just enough to make the body, but not enough to do the pieces that join the body to the handles. I haven’t it sewn up or anything; I just laid it down beside the handles to show you what it’s supposed to look like 🙂 I think it’ll be really nice. I have some nice blue and white checkered material I’m going to use to line it with. Looking for a black purse in a black bag is no fun.

That’s it for now!


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