If there’s anything that knitting has taught me, it’s to have patience. Riding around on my bike, I see that this is sometimes a rare skill indeed. When you think about it, it’s sort of funny because it’s a false state in a way. It doesn’t change anything, it’s just how you perceive things and usually makes matters worse, instead of better. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about all the things you are hurrying to and enjoy today, whatever the weather or circumstance.

Taken on Grattan Bridge

(In the distance you can see the new-ish pedestrian bridge and in the foreground, those lovely cast iron lamps that are dotted around the city. I love them, I wish there were more. Great sky, huh?)

Anyway, zen cycling aside, I have had to be very patient with my knitting this week because of this:

By the time I get through it, I am too tired to knit more than a few rows but still, I persist. The above is a terrifyingly long list:

Brahms (op. 118), Bach (prelude and fugue, book I), Rachmaninov (an étude tableaux), Prokofiev (7th piano sonata), Gerschwin (preludes) Рall for a solo recital in the spring. This is unrelated to my Masters and is just something I want to do for myself.

Bizet (Jeux d’Enfants) and the Faur√© (Dolly Suite) are both incredibly fun piano duets and do not take a lot of practice. Martinu (1st flute sonata), Brahms (3rd violin sonata), Franck (violin sonata), Schnittke (1st violin sonata). The Brahms is a work I played all last year and is only for a concert next weekend. The rest of the duo sonatas don’t need to be ready until May but should be well under way by Christmas. When I look at it all together, it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s not as bad as it looks, though. Little by little, right?

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