The real heel

“The ankle was an arch enemy of the heel because the heel had a sole that could neither toe the line nor keep instep.”

This isn’t my first garter stitch heel. What I neglected to ever mention that time, however, was that I didn’t knit the second sock. I just wasn’t sold on the idea. Anyway, here I am, halfway to the knee and hoping that my leg increases will work out.

There was a lot of painting and recarpeting while I was away so we’re taking the opportunity to clean out and reorganise. Ikea was visited and flatpack was assembled. Laundry has been washed and dried, washed and dried. I expect to get most loose ends tied up today but really, all along, I’ve been thinking about this wrap (such a quick knit!), this cardigan (squishy garter stitch!) and wondering when the Second Fall issue of Knitty is going to come out.

4 thoughts on “The real heel

  1. Personally, I space increases about every 14th row going up to the thickest part of my calve (calf? whatever it’s called!), and then draw in as much as I can with the ribbing. Haven’t tried a garter heel yet and now I’m inspired to!

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