Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

so last night, i slept really badly. i woke up at 3am with my head full of chopin, a really sore throat and a pounding headache. i got up to make some lemsip. when i walked into the kitchen, before i turned on the light, i noticed this strange light coming from the garden. i looked out and it was positively glowing in snow. it was a bit surreal actually. most of it’s melted by now but it still looks very, very cold out.

i couldn’t get back to sleep so i started a new sock. (it’s upside-down)

green sock

i had nearly a half a ball of the green opal yarn i got at the craft fair left over, and i figured, you can never have too many socks! i recently washed the other pair i knitted and they came out fine. i was afraid they’d shrivel up into little bird socks.

i also gave the new knitcast podcast a spin. after 16 interviews, i’m enjoying it alot less than i used to. i wish she’d break it up with other knitting news, like funny patterns she’s come across, ideas or ways to integrate knitting into other crafts. in that respect, i think the craftypod has really got the balance right.

and speaking of integrating crafts, i’ve been thinking about making a skirt that has knitted panels for a long time. i wonder how well it would work?

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