Unolympic WIPs

I have been amusing myself with other projects that have no particular deadline. This is mostly related to the increased frequency of snowfalls we’ve been having here this week. I’ve been cranking out the Stilwell and am about a third through the yoke.

This maneuver can only be attempted when both sleeves are knit. Not my forte but at least they’re out of the way now and when I finish the yoke, I will also have a finished sweater!

The chart is not the easiest to follow so I gave in and started a shawl that’s been on my mind for a while now.

It’s an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern called Stonington and is modelled on the Shetland square shawl. Really, I just wanted a square shawl. I find triangular shawls pretty limiting in how you can wear them. At least with a square you can have a triangle if you want one but you’re not tied to it. I have about 500m of handspun mohair laceweight that I received as a present many moons ago. I haven’t had the heart to knit it up but I think that this simple pattern should do it justice.

(Are any of you breathing relief that it is Thursday and nearly time for the weekend? I am!)

3 thoughts on “Unolympic WIPs

  1. Ohh I love the color of that sweater!
    I too am waiting for the weekend, and very tired of the snow blizzards that we have been getting…3 in one month is a bit much 🙁

  2. The colors of that sweater… I like it very much. The shawl looks very nice too, though we don’t see the stitch very much. It looks “aerial” (not sure we can use that word in english!) I love shawl and I agree with you with the way you can wear it.
    …Thanks god, friday is coming! Have a nice day!

  3. Both WIPs are coming along gorgeously. I understannd the triangle shawl issue. The beauty of a square shawl is that you can wear it as a scarf when a strong gust starts blowing – just not an option on those frequent occassions I’ve found myself struggling to wear a triangle with any dignity!

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