FO: Handspun Hat

This kind of doesn’t count as an FO in my book (even though it is) because it knit up really quickly. We stuck on Barfly and it was finished by the end of the movie. Anyway, I was just excited to see how my handspun knit up.

Pattern: Basic top down beanie from Knitting from the Top (Barbara Walker).

Needles: 4.5mm all the way.

Yarn: This and some left over Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted from this.

The bumpy bits you see are actually not the cause of the handspun alone – I threw in some purled rounds to show up the texture of the yarn a bit better. I will be really interested to see how the other yarn I spun (the pink/purple stuff) will knit up in comparison to this.

Oh and hey! In case anyone has the Monday blues out there, remember there’s knitting at the Tea Garden from 630 this Friday and there’s a spin-in on the balcony of the Powerscourt Centre on Sunday afternoon from about lunchtime. This double-whammy will definitely be helping me get through my week!

3 thoughts on “FO: Handspun Hat

  1. The hat looks lovely; you’re making great progress in the plans to actually knit your handspun so far this year.
    AND you’re also joining in with being a diary / planner 😉

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