February 14, 2010

For the day that’s in it

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I have been spinning some lovely Ashford Merino-Silk roving this weekend. This is completely down to a conversation I had with Eimear on Friday about how great spinning is. I came home from tea (tea-knitting: every other Friday in the Tea Garden on Ormond Quay from 6.30 until about 11) and just had to start spinning straight away!

Actually, this isn’t what I spun on Friday. I had some blue Merino-Silk left to spin so I finished that off and then plied the two bobbins together. When I did that, I realised that I had spun the second bobbin in the other direction so when I plied it, one half started unspinning itself while the other half got really tight. It is an … interesting… yarn. So, I started afresh with the red stuff. With the second bobbin, I tried out a new drafting technique which worked great. It’s a bit more inconsistent than the first bobbin because I wasn’t used to it but hopefully when I ply it up, it’ll balance out. I’m gunning for a sport-weight 2-ply to knit Quant… and of course, it qualifies for the ‘Flying Camel’ spinning event in the Ravelympics!



  1. Beautiful colour!
    Are ye really there til 11? I could arrive around 9 and attend for the dregs of the evening!

    Comment by sheknitupthatball — February 14, 2010 @ 17:10

  2. love the color! I just got some Coopworths to spin up in its natural color and just about to go pick up some Leicester as well…Spinning is fantastic. What wheel have you got? By bf picked me up a nice Ashford 2 christmas’s ago

    Comment by Kimberly — February 14, 2010 @ 18:29

  3. Hang on, I just realised you’re completely blaming me for your current spinning thing, and therefore, you’re blaming me for not getting important work done!
    The cheek!!

    @’sheknitupthatball'; it varies but tends to finish up somewhere between 10 – 11… usually someone (AHEMflick) has to run to catch the last bus home…

    Comment by eimearee — February 16, 2010 @ 13:03

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