After fretting that I wouldn’t complete my Olympic project on time, I now think that if I pace myself with some Benilyn, I should make it on time.

Nectar of the Sick Olympian Knitter

I completed my second front piece last night. I’d show it off but I’m too floppy to go downstairs and get it, and it looks like the other one anyway. If I really cared, I’d mirror the picture of the other front piece in Photoshop and you’d never know! The sleeves are just regular knitting, no lace pattern or anything. They do have some interesting short row shaping that took me by surprise the last time: this time round, I know too much. I know what you’re up to, pattern. This time I’m armed: my 3pm pill and a mug of tea. I’m taking you sleeves down.

In other news, I got stuck into my Phildar pattern book in an attempt to decipher the code. Honestly, Alan Turin couldn’t have done a better job. It’s not so bad but it took a good hour searching through other blogs and the pocket dictionary. I made one conclusion: the french need another word for ‘decrease’. They use ‘rabattre’ for ‘cast off’ and ‘decrease’. Sometimes, they say ‘diminuer’ (decrease), but sometimes they use rabattre. It’s confusing. You wouldn’t want to be drunk, or say, sick and bored and wanting to cast on a new project 😀

Speaking of being sick and bored, I decided to tackle that vinyl bag again last night. What is wrong with me? I can’t sew even when I’m well! This escapade involved me nearly losing a finger and for what? A vinyl bag with the top sewn together like a big, plastic, inside-out cushion.

I don’t know what to do with it. When I muster up the (mental) strength to unpick the stitching, I’m going to have a bag that looks like it was used for voodoo! I think I should just cut the top off completely and glue the hem down. Yes. Glue it. That way, everyone wins: the bag is finished and I emerge with all ten digits intact.

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