Big freeze

Not much to report around here. There has been much feasting and sleeping! No practice and not even much knitting (although both of those were well-rectified today).

Temperatures have plummeted across the country and whilst it probably doesn’t seem like much to overseas readers, I must confess to the novelty of it all. My dad has a rainwater tank that collects run-off to supply a trough but between the thaw yesterday and the freeze last night, this is how it stood today:

We haven’t had any more snow in this part of the country – although that is supposed to change later in the week – but the hoar frost is quite dramatic in places.

It doesn’t look like it, but this is actually moss growing on a wall…

It is always fun to watch a frozen world from one’s cozy home but do bear in mind that others may not be so fortunate. Think about how much help it would be to someone if you donated some old blankets, quilts and coats to the Simon Community or St. Vincent de Paul.

Similarly, don’t forget your ole garden birds! Finches, sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes, robins and wrens are all fighting to survive out there. They will appreciate any scraps left over from your dinner. They don’t just love bread-crumbs, either: Christmas or porter cake, crumbled up potatoes and oat flakes (about 50c a bag from Lidl) will all go a long way to fill a few birdies’ bellies. Bear in mind that if everything is frozen over where you are, they probably won’t have anything to drink. A bowl of water can save lives, people! By doing these simple things, not only will you see a fantastic range of birds in your garden that you didn’t know were there, but there will also be a lot more of them around in the summer to keep you entertained and your garden bug-free.

Tomorrow, I have knitting to show!

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  1. I do love watching the little birdies fly about – just wish I had a garden (instead of current concrete balcony) to home them!

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