Saturday catch-up

It’s always good to catch up! There has been a lot of knitting but not much opportunity to share it. This is mostly because I am always in a big rush in the morning and by the time I get home, it is far too dark to take photos. It was a close thing today! Between sleeping in (for which I have a new-found love) and the fog, I was nearly caught out again.

Anyway, I have some hats to share. First up is Quincy from Jared Flood’s Made in Brooklyn.

This was a quick and addictive knit because it uses chunky yarn (I used some leftover Rowan Cocoon) and garter stitch.

You can see how the main part of the hat is twisted – very easy to do and very effective! This is a bit loose and short on me, giving a mushroom effect, so I think if I were knitting it again I would use an aran weight yarn and cast on more stitches to make it longer. The book itself is lovely – sort of next generation Elizabeth Zimmermann – and there are a few more projects in it that I would like to make. (I have one lined up for Christmas, actually!)

Next up is a hat made from Game Knitting. This is a fabulous wee booklet I found via Ravelry. It has some patterns but mostly it explains the concept and gives lots of examples and ideas. I knit this hat while watching football and NBA. It’s just a regular 2×2 Rib hat but I changed the pattern when the ball went out of play. It gives a fun regular-random flow to the hat.

If you like the sound of this, I definitely recommend the booklet for loads of ideas!

So Alb’s Jumper has been growing gradually but it still just looks like a grey blob, I’m afraid. Not wholly unrelated, I caved and cast on for Girl Friday

… which is knit out of Garnstudio’s Alaska, the same stuff I knit my Liesl out of. I wasn’t really close to gauge so I did some maths and figured that I could get away with knitting a size smaller at the gauge I had. It looks ok so far!

I was in This is Knit yesterday between lessons and I picked up some of this dreamy stuff.

It’s Wagtail 100% mohair. Shockingly, it has been more than two weeks since I knit a scarf or shawl. This ought to be addressed right this instance! (I am also right about to cast on for a Central Park Hoodie for my mum and also a Hemlock Ring Blanket thanks to seeing Dixie’s amazing sample in the shop yesterday… and also… well, maybe another day!)

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