Things for down the line

I mentioned previously that I would really like to make the lace leaf sweater from Loop-d-loop. Well, yesterday, I knitted a swatch from a left over ball from Cathode. I made Cathode last year in a fit of mid-summer madness.

What was I thinking? Sure the colours are nice, and it fits me perfectly, but my arms get cold… and on the days when my arms don’t get cold, it’s too warm to wear. So I have actually never worn this for more than an hour. I figure I will have just enough white wool to knit the lace leaf sweater.

Here’s some other yarn I’ve been looking at in my stash. I got the purple stuff for a tenner.

I think this would make a really nice plain raglan sweater with a few stripes thrown in. I’ve been going nuts recently with my light cotton tops when I’m not going to be able to wear them for about another six months lol. So I do need to knit a sweater soon, it’s really cold out.

Dig this stuff! I have no idea when I bought this but it’s been waiting to be turned into a skirt!

I joined up to this sew-a-long over at Sew I Knit and said that I’d be using this fancy Vogue pattern I got. Jeez, what is wrong with me? The pattern is like for sewers extraordinaire! All these tiny tight seams to make it look perfect. I’d never manage it. This morning when I was having tea in bed and a chat with ole Bear, I had a look through Super Crafty, and figured I’d definitely be able to make their one-afternoon skirt. No zippers, just a few really basic 1.5 cm seams and elastic. I’m still a bit groggy otherwise I would be cutting this one out right now and not sitting here with more tea and typing this 😀

These, I suppose, are all post-Olympic projects. I think I should start with the skirt as it is the most straight forward and doesn’t require swatching or the drying of yarn. I think some white lacey trim along the bottom would be funky.

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