Pink lining

Knitting has been going horribly, horribly wrong lately. I finished my green tshirt – the one where I knit the sleeves separately and sewed in the sleeve cap. Disastrous. Unpicked all the sewing and reknit the sleeves. Sewed them back in. Still disastrous. I’m not sure if I should knit the sleeves from the armhole down like I usually do or just set fire to the garment and deny it ever existed.

Then there are the mittens. My beautiful, beautiful mittens.

…Which would look fabulous if I had salad tongs for hands. I haven’t even gotten close to the shaping at the tip of the mitten and it is already an inch too long. It is obviously a gauge problem but compounding this problem is the fact that I have mislaid my mitten DPN set.

And then there’s the red Miniamlist Cardigan. Notice anything askew?

Anything like the difference between the right front and the left front maybe? I’m not sure how I could get 25cm into a garment and not notice that the right front was missing 20 stitches – that’s four inches to you and I.

And then there’s Veronique… which looks nothing like the picture. Nothing. It is an unphotographable blob. My mum seemed to be able to mould it into some sort of wearable shape so I’m going to give it one last chance and redo the cast off. If it doesn’t work I am definitely setting fire to it… if only to warn the other knitting. This is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, this (rather large depressing) cloud does have a pink lining in the shape of a Fountain Pen Shawl from Interweave Spring 2009.

The yarn is hot pink Malabrigo Merino Lace that I picked up in Germany. It is the first Malabrigo I have tried and so far, it is doing a good job making up for all that mess above. It is soft, light and airy but still working into a decent fabric on 4mm needles. I think it will go really well with my purple jacket! Sigh.

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