Sleeve Island

You think one sleeve is bad? Try these on for size.

Horrendous. The green is for a very simple henley top that I finished the body for about four months ago. Something got into my head that it would not only be a good idea, but a GREAT idea, to knit bottom up sleeves and then sew the cap in! Oh my God! Now I have one sleeve with a wonky cap and half a sleeve that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going.

The blue is simple… 45cm of stocking stitch. And when I get to the end of that, it’ll be once more with feeling. The blue-green is also simple… 35cm of stocking stitch. The latter is Veronique which I should have finished off weeks ago but was tripped up by my own laziness. When the time came to provisionally cast on what was to become the front, I was watching or listening to something very exciting and I just made a cable cast on. Of course, if I had been paying attention I would have realised that when I later came to pick up that cast on to knit on the sleeves, this was going to cause me problems. After a few goes I managed to pick up my stitches without leaving holes – but now I have a lovely purl ridge, instead. I am hoping that I can tease this into shape. Why is it that three different garments started at three completely different times all end up needing sleeves at the exact same time?

Luckily there is mitten knitting to maintain my slowly-eroding sanity.

Isn’t it pretty? Every time I finish a butterfly, I look at it and imagine that our summer has been so glorious and so full of butterflies that I simply had to knit a pair of mittens to capture said glory. In truth it is filling the depressing deficit of butterflies and all sun-related creatures. At least the thumb and palm are tidy.

Speaking of weather, it has become very autumnal around here lately with daily highs now only up to about 15 or 17 degrees. Often we get very fine, settled weather this time of the year but so far it has been changeable and downright bad-tempered. I got my bike tuned up yesterday and was hoping to go for a spin today but so far, it doesn’t look promising. Maybe I will take my sleeves and go cycle on the spot at the gym. It’s definitely not the same but if I’m going to do a tedious activity, I might as well do two tedious activities at the same time. (Unrelated but I was very happy to see my local bike shop very busy yesterday – two guys bringing in bikes and another bringing in a wheel. If the recession can bring in more bike riding then it won’t be all bad!)

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