FOs – #15 and NHM #8

I figured after yesterday’s excitement I should finish up a few projects. The first, according to my records, I cast on for these last December. I finished both months ago but left them sitting there without thumbs. I knit one thumb last month and knit the other yesterday so finally! They are finished!

Pattern: NHM #8 from Selbuvotter.

Needles: 3mm DPNs.

Yarn: Nature Spun Sport by Brown Sheep. I bought about 10 balls of this – two balls in five colours – about three years ago with the idea of making a fairisle jumper. After about a year I realised it was never going to happen so I’ve been slowly working my way through it since. The good thing is that it really goes the distance and I’ll probably get about 10 pairs of mittens out of the stuff!

I didn’t make any modifications and it was an interesting pattern to knit. The cuff is particularly stupid because it curls and I don’t like the pattern on the palm. I had to keep an eye on the chart the whole time.

That said, I really like the end result, particularly the thumb pattern. And now I have a pair of mittens to wear while I’m knitting the next pair (which have already been cast on for, by the way, but only a cuff to show for today yet).

My latest quick knit was a project I picked up in Germany – #15 from this season’s Rebecca magazine. I even got the wool called for and everything!

Pattern: #15 from Rebecca #40.

Needles: It called for 6mm but I couldn’t find mine so I used 5.5mm DPNs.

Yarn: Giglio by ggh (43% pure wool, 20% alpaca, 37% polyacryl, about 62m in 50g), 2 balls.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow and the yarn was really nice to work with. And yes, it rather does look like a giant sock but it is very snuggly. Perfect with a black coat, skirt and boots, no?

Oh, before I go… I finally made a decision on which pattern to start from the book but you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to see which one it is! Muhahaha!

One thought on “FOs – #15 and NHM #8

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see what you will pick from the book. What an exciting find, sounds like such a treasure.

    I love the red colour, and it does look cute and warm.

    But, oh, those mittens. They always looks so tricky and amazing. I’m eternally envious because I don’t think I could ever get that good with my fair isle attempts.

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