I got buttons! Who wants buttons!

My trip to Trimmings was a success! Not only did I find buttons to match, but they also currently have a sale on fancy-schmancy quilting-type fabrics upstairs. I got a metre each of two different, very pretty, fabrics… but I will show them to you another day because they involve plans and ideas and all sorts of other things! Anyway, here’s my finished off Amelia.

I like the buttons because they are plain but bring out the blue tones in the yarn. When I get a certain photographer out of bed, you’ll see that I put buttons all the way down the front. In the pattern, there are only about five or six at the top. I don’t like that style. For a start, no matter how stylish the garment is, it makes me look pregnant. And second of all, my experience with garter stitch edging is that it tends to ruffle a lot because it spreads horizontally. I wanted to put buttons lower down on the body to help stretch out the border. I’m glad I did because it certainly does ruffle up unless I button it. Anyway, there are modelled shots to come.

I’ve been pushing to get a few things finished up here. Last night, I decided to go back to my Pioneer. It was all finished up except the ends needed weaving in and I wasn’t happy with the neckline. The scalloped edging is so pretty but it came out far too loose and floppy. I ripped it out and redid it with a 3mm hook and total disregard for the instructions. It was a total success and yes, there are modelled shots of it to come, too!

I hit the gym yesterday and on the way home, we called in by Stitch in Beaumont. They’ve been open about a year now but I’ve never made it out to visit. It’s a nice wee place with a good selection of Sirdar, Patons and Rowan. I picked up some Patons 4ply cotton for a crocheted skirt and was curious about Sirdar’s new Eco Wool. It’s 100% wool and has been produced in an ecologically friendly manner. It comes in some really yummy natural colours so I picked these two for a colourwork hat… I’m planning something along the lines of Derm’s Hat.

And speaking of all things woolly and natural and yummy, check this out! It’s a preview of Jared Flood’s new book with Classic Elite. I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “I got buttons! Who wants buttons!

  1. Oooh, the Amelia looks absolutely gorgeous! What a glorious colour.

    Hello, by the way – I’ve been lurking for a little while, since Glitzfrau reminded me of your blog address. (We’re friends in that mythical place, Real Life.) I’ve bought yarn from you a few times, though, so I’m not a complete stranger 🙂

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