‘Zakka’ is a term I have recently come across. It is a Japanese word and refers to something that improves your home, life and outlook. Sounds good, doesn’t it! Generally, it seems to refer to household items. There has been a big movement recently in zakka handicraft – sewing, knitting, crochet, and so on. I got a book in Hodges Figgis a while ago called Zakka Sewing. There is a strong emphasis on using natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool.

Here is a small house-shaped coaster I made up over the weekend. The little door is actually a pocket for your spoon.

Last night I finished up a small bag. It is described as a bento-box bag (lunchbox bag) in the book but I got this great craft-themed ribbon in Rubanesque during the week and decided to make it a project bag.

I have discovered that I really enjoy working with linen! The metre I got in Murphy Sheehy’s a while ago is really going the distance – I’ve only used about a third of it so far.