Blow your nose in style

I imagine there are a lot of people blowing their noses today, considering the drastic ten degree drop in temperature we have experienced here in the last 24 hours! To them, I offer this.

I had planned on making tea towels out of my cotton – and I probably still will – but handsewn handkerchiefs just sounded so much more attractive.

This was my first attempt and despite all appearances, my hems are quite wonky. This morning’s efforts were much more satisfactory.

The motif is from Doodle Stitching and was originally intended for a quilted lap blanket, if I remember correctly. I suppose some people may ask, why would you want to make your own handkerchiefs? To them I say, usually when you need a handkerchief, you need a bit of cheering up, too!

I have a few other motifs lined up for more hankies. The problem now is that, because I have made more than one, surely they warrant a cozy of some sort?

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