Owls and things

I have had the most pleasant week’s recuperation… even though I’ve been doing a lot of my own work for auditions and rehearsals for the choir concert, it has been lovely to take it easy at home for a while.

I finished my Owls yesterday but have done no sewing in of ends simply because I cannot find a darning needle! It fits great and will show modelled photos when I get it finished off.

Here’s the Lace Ribbon Scarf I was telling you about. It finally finished off drying today and looks lots better having been blocked out. This took one skein of the Noro Silk Garden Sock.

And! My most fun (if a little bizarre) news is that I have gotten the loan of a concertina. I had been thinking about it and found one in the area in the Buy and Sell… but then a friend of my dad’s offered the loan of theirs to try it out.

There are many things I like about concertinas. They are small, portable, have a great range, are very expressive, and best of all: they are hexagonal. I don’t know why that pleases me so, but it does. Maybe it is due to all those hexagons I crocheted before Easter? Anyway, I am honking my way around on it this evening but will have to tear myself away for a while. My dad and I are going to a table quiz to raise money to build houses in Africa. Should be fun!

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