I have been giving myself something like a midterm this week. I’ve had a few days or part-days off and instead of going nuts with everything else… I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve been using the time to catch up on sleep, laundry and spinning. Heidi sent me some beautiful alpaca roving from her honeymoon in New Zealand. Let me tell you: it is like spinning a cloud.

It is so soft and dreamy I cannot wait to see what the finished yarn will be like! Because I only have three spindles, I had to finish up what I already had on the wheel. It is some brown sheeps wool that I bought over a year ago from Craftspun. I suppose you could call this a light worsted or heavy DK weight. I am really happy with the relative consistency of it. I have two large hanks plied and drying on the line as I type and they’re both about the same thickness throughout.

I’m hoping to spin something similar out of the alpaca and use the two together for something like a colourwork hat. I have two FOs to show but I’m going to wait until tomorrow to take photos and talk about them properly. Happy Thursday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Mid-Term

  1. Oooh! Lovely spinning, you’ve reminded me I haven’t done any for ages.I really like the Green Gable hoodie.
    I agree with you re the tee shirt. I’ve made a few and tried different edgings, picot, crochet, but always fall back on the rolled hem.

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