Think outside of the triangle

I had the last two evenings to myself so I curled up in the blanket (sadly, uncrocheted) on the sofa and knit to my heart’s content. I am on the last leg of my Green Gable hoodie.

Any normal person might express disappointment that they are finishing up a warm, snuggly hoodie just as the weather is starting to turn mild… but this is Ireland and it is only February. I’m sure we will have at least five more cold snaps before the weather even starts to think about staying reasonably warm. But hope springs eternal and I have been keeping all options covered.

Technically I finished this on Friday night but I haven’t been able to find an edging that suits it. I think I might revert to the old reliable rolled edge. Everything else about it is great, though. It fits fine and is heavy enough to be warm but light enough to be cool, too.

Like a lot of people I’ve been talking to recently, I have been feeling under the weather lately. I think I am fighting off something. I have had a headache for over a week – you know the ones that feel like you’re wearing a helmet? – and a fever that comes and goes as it pleases. I have been taking Benilyn three times daily and crocheting triangles. Some days I feel like I should save my money and just make the triangles.

Speaking of crochet, I am teaching a beginner’s crochet class at the shop today. We have had unprecedented demand for crochet classes of all levels so stay tuned to the classes page because we plotted out a LOT more crochet classes over April, May and June.

One thought on “Think outside of the triangle

  1. Hope you are going to feel better soon. There is a bad tummy bug in our house at the moment. But don’t worry, it doesn’t spread through the internet. Five more cold snaps ? do I have time to start and finish Faery ring?

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