Knit Night and other things

I don’t often make it along to Knit Night at This Is Knit, usually because I work the late shift in the branch in town. Usually I don’t mind too much because it takes me over an hour to get home, but every now and then it is great to catch up with everybody. We had a few newcomers last night which made for a lot of natter….

…and baked goods… brownies AND ginger cookies….

…and a bit of knitting, too.

I have had to rip this sleeve out four times. I got thoroughly carried away when I thought I was on the right track and ended up with a 20″ long sleeve with no shaping – which would be totally fine if I had arms like matchsticks (hint: I don’t). Anyway, I got there in the end, which is all that matters. Now I get to knit another one. Be still, my wildly beating heart.

I popped into Rubanesque for some buttons for my last magazine project (finished on Wednesday, Allah be praised!!) and picked up some matching facing to help stabilise the very curly armholes. While I was at it, I got some great old-school ribbon to stabilise the neckband of my mum’s Kidsilk Aura cardigan that I gave her for Christmas. It fits her well but the neck has started to stretch out a bit.

Let me tell you, this is a very, very dangerous shop to visit. They have fabulous ribbons! It makes me want to put ribbon on everything! Not to mention the big, black, etched glass Victorian buttons they were showing me. If you’re missing some mojo these days, I highly recommend a visit to get things going again.

2 thoughts on “Knit Night and other things

  1. I´ll have to check this place out the next time I´m in Dublin. I can never seem to find buttons I like, and god knows my mojo has been missing as of late.

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