Back to normality

A small flurry of activity has brought things right back to normal: trips to the supermarket to stock up again, magazine garments finished up and sent off, back to thinking about future projects. I must confess that of all the magazine garments I’ve knit so far, the last two that I sent off today have been my outstanding favourites. One was a mega quick knit and I loved it so much that I’m just going to have to make another really soon. I know it is really mean to say that because you’re going to have to wait for the pattern but I hope that it will be worth it!

Feast your eyes on this beauty.

It’s Schaefer Anne and it has been calling my name for at least six weeks now. I said to myself, if it is still there after Christmas then it is meant to be. Today, having sent off all deadline knits (for now), I started looking through patterns. I want some lace to knit; it has been too long (two months). I’m thinking about this (ravelry link because I couldn’t find it anywhere else). It seems appropriate, given how blood red the yarn is and how February is coming up.

I have a few other ideas floating around but floaters are all they are for now. You know the kind that drift in while the kettle is coming to the boil and then float off when you need to assemble your cup of tea? Actually, a cuppa sounds like a good idea right about now.

One thought on “Back to normality

  1. That stole would be lovely in the red…………….looking forward to seeing you knitting it up!!!!

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