Mittens for me

I so enjoyed making these that I decided to make myself a pair. This is the start of NHM #8 from Selbuvotter (NHM stands for Norwegian History Museum). What drew me most to this design above all the others is the way the pattern comes together at the finger tips. You’ll see it ere long!

The palm, too, is refreshingly different to the last pair I made. It is referred to as the Holy Trinity motif, which I rather like and find festively pertinent!

You see that up-and-down dotty band going around the cuff? It’s often called the dancing ants motif and that, too, had an influence on my choosing the design! Dancing ants is just too funny a mental image to pass up on knitting it.

On a completely different note, something that has been really floating my boat today is the book Doodle Stitching. Check out the project gallery over on flickr.

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