On Thursday afternoon, I got stuck into my dad’s jumper which has been lying in wait for sleeves for a while now. Once I got the sleeve cap done, it flew along quickly enough.

Over the next day or two I hope to finish the other one. Technically I am under a deadline for this one, since in our family we exchange presents on Christmas Eve (a big Scandinavian tradition I found out this week!). To the casual passer-by, this probably doesn’t mean very much since Christmas is Christmas, but to have to present the jumper on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day cuts out about twelve hours of knitting time if it does come down to the wire.

Anyway, I hope that by getting it done early I will avoid any such scenario. Now that the home strait is in sight, I am already contemplating another pair of mittens. I love my snail mittens but (dare I say it) sometimes the alpaca is that bit too warm sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Sleeves

  1. Good to hear you are up and “running” again. Life was very dull without your regular bulletin. Lovely mittens. They mustt be difficult if you experienced a problem! Well done on music in Moy Castle. Happy Christmas and every good wish for 2009.


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