We all scream for ice-cream!

I love knitting, don’t you? These days, there is nothing I love knitting more than colourwork. After three days of grinding out 20cm of 1×1 rib (that’s 8 inches to you and me – I treated myself to a new measuring tape in Barcelona and I have been thrown into the world of centimetres ever since. I quite like it, I have to say, it sounds like you have knitted much more than if you were knitting in inches! I do realise how silly that is, by the way)… I finally got to crack open my contrasting colour and I haven’t looked back since. I think I am already at the underarm but I am going to double check before I do anything rash.

I am going to hurry along with this today, mostly because I am dying to see what it will look like! I would like something smaller to take the edge off, though. I have been thinking about this. And have you seen the new Twist? It is delicious. I have two other ideas I want to swatch for, too… I have been putting off thinking about them directly in the hopes that the swatches will surprise me. It’s the little things, guys!

2 thoughts on “We all scream for ice-cream!

  1. what are you knitting with those colours ? (I understood last week that it was kid classic and you gave me ideas about a new project)…but I didn’t understand what project yours was…I agree, the new Twist is wonderful!!! Have a nice WE.

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