Lots of work…. sort of…

Yesterday, the Knitting and Stitching Show kicked off at the RDS here in Dublin. Today was my first day working at the shop stand. We were really lucky to have Louisa Harding (designer extraordinaire) accompany us on the stand all day. She gave a seminar in the morning where she talked about how she got going and where she gets her inspiration from. Unfortunately I didn’t get along to the seminar myself but I really enjoyed chatting to her throughout the day. She was good fun and very friendly… she even went along with some photos!

The one with faces is here!>

Tomorrow we’ve got Debbie Bliss with us. She’s going to give a seminar, too, at 11am so if you are planning on coming to the show tomorrow, come early and swing by the seminar. It is free in and will definitely be interesting! I am really looking forward to meeting her… she may even permit me to touch the hem of her gown… The show goes on until Sunday so if you do come along, say hello! I am really impressed with the standard of the show this year. Last year, it was full of irrelevant exhibitors. This time around, however, there are many crafty stalls to oogle at and what I have seen so far of the exhibitors has been excellent. I haven’t made it upstairs to check out the guilds and other exhibitors yet but I will definitely try to do so tomorrow.

I am very tired today because I spent Monday to Thursday in Barcelona on choir duty. Monday was very tiresome because we had a 7am flight. Normally I wouldn’t plan to leave until 5am but I didn’t want to alarm the group by being tardy so was quite early to the airport. Tuesday was equally tiresome because it poured rain from morning to night. I wasn’t going to be put off, though, and plodded around in circles until I found All You Knit Is Love. It is not at all difficult to find, unless you are me and in dire need of some sort of GPRS, knitted or otherwise. I got some beautiful Drops Alpaca (more mittens!) and had a great chat with the guy on duty. He had super English and we talked about all the cool patterns you can get Drops site.

I’ll show you what I got next time but for now I leave you with the church that we sang in on Wednesday evening.

We travelled north to a small town called Sitges. It absolutely poured down during the afternoon but it cleared up towards evening time and we were able to prom on the promenade. You see those steps to the right of the photo? The sea crashes over them about every fifteen seconds so ascent had to be well timed!

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  1. I had a ball at the show! Thanks again for helping my Mam choose her tea cozy yarn, she’s all giddy about starting, now.

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