“By a lonely yarn shop wall…

…I heard a blue yarn calllllling me…

Aileen, won’t you take me away?

I finished Swallowtail going down on the train on Wednesday and got it all blocked out yesterday. I was nearly late for work, but it was worth the rush!

There have been many blue yarns calling my name recently.

Bloom from Rowan 36 is a sleeveless sweater knit from side to side. I’ve decided to save myself some sewing and started with a provisional cast on. From what I can tell so far, it is all going according to plan. The yarn is my old faithful, Felted Tweed.

…And Icelandic Sweater from Crochet Me. I have had this yarn (Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply) for about two years now. I originally bought it for this but changed my mind when I realised that I never wear cardigans shaped like that. Someone brought it to my attention recently that I have yet to crochet myself an actual garment so I figured I had better rectify that as soon as possible!

I finished Mitten #2 but they both need thumbs. I will wait until they are properly finished because the thumb gussets are really cool and you can’t get the full effect if there are no thumbs.

I found my retractable measuring tape in Alb’s car last night. This, unfortunately, is not a cause for rejoice. It is one of those ones that retract suddenly in a violent wriggling manner so if you depress the button whilst peering closely at a swatch, wondering if that is half a stitch or if you are actually at gauge, your reflexes are keenly tested. Obviously, I don’t like it. I had a lovely one – it was bright red with a wide tape and it retracted in a very orderly fashion – but I left it on the train under a newspaper. Since then I have been cursed with this disgusting, violent, orange plastic one that I cannot lose no matter how hard I try.

4 thoughts on ““By a lonely yarn shop wall…

  1. Your Swallowtail is gorgeous. Don’t you just love the pattern? Evelyn C. Clark is a knitting hero!
    The story of the unfortunate tape measure was really amusing. Here’s hoping you can replace it soon!

  2. Beautiful Swallowtail 😀 Just perfect 🙂

    Also, I’ve made Bloom, and be warned the shoulders are mad and may come out as massive. I had to sew mine on the sewing machine to take them in, they were that bad 🙁 But it is still one of my fave tank tops 🙂

  3. Oooh the icelandic sweater! i don’t like it as a sweater, but i saw it as a sweater dress and quite liked that!

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