My needles runneth over

I finished up the grey cardigan last night. It had been lingering and lingering but yesterday I bought the buttons and today we have this!

It needs to be blocked but overall I am very happy with how it turned out. It fits really nicely, too.

Since it was all quite painless, I decided to get cracking on my Kidsilk Aura cardigan, too.

I’m on the second sleeve. It needs a button band, which I will probably do in a vertical 1×1 rib, and if I have enough yarn left over, I will add an extra inch to the length. The concept I had in mind was quite a cropped cardigan but I’ve had second thoughts so if I can, I will lengthen it. It is so fuzzy and cozy I cannot wait to get it finished up! There are no patterns for these guys because I designed them out of a wardrobe need rather than a magazine need. But if you find after a while that this post has vanished, you’ll know what’s happened.

I’m “working” today but I anticipate a fresh round of swatching in store this evening. I have ideas for some things that should be FUN to knit: another kid’s jumper, a sleeveless top, a steeked colourwork sweater, and something else that sort of appeared to me whilst staring at kidsilk haze and a rowan magazine yesterday. KSH likes to do that to you.

4 thoughts on “My needles runneth over

  1. Thanks for your response…I can see them now and can appreciate the cardigan ! thanks for my green jacket…the yarn comes from la Droguerie…the buttons too 😉 Have a nice Sunday.

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