On the road again

I did say I was going to Thailand but we’re stopping off in a place or two along the way. Amsterdam’s our first stop and I thought it hilarious that the first thing I saw were these:

…because I know a lot of knitters are headed to the Electric Picnic this weekend. There was even a discussion on Ravelry about wellies.

There are lots of things I love about Amsterdam. Van Gogh inspired gardens on the street.

Double vowels and amazing 18th century buildings that lean. I kid you not: these guys are built on stilts and lean so much they put wedges between them.

There is a lot of beautiful iron work…

…and a LOT of bicycles. I don’t just mean that there are a lot lying around – there are a lot being ridden. At high speed. In their millions. It is wonderful to be in a city where the cyclist is king…

…and queen.

3 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. as i think i mentioned before, we are headed there for our 4th trip in october. i hope i can find those wellies!

    hope you enjoyed your stay. as we know all too well, there is definitely more to the ‘dam than the red light district. such a gorgeous city, i can’t wait to be back.

  2. Hi there, doing some catching up and just noticed that you’ve visited my good ol’ Holland! Ah! Amsterdam is great but be sure to check out Rotterdam next time you’re here; it’s about the oppsite with lots of modern architecture and loads of youth culture. A great way to get to know another side of the Netherlands!

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