Escargots et éléphants

I had snails in Paris once. I was about thirteen at the time and I recall so vividly how they were served in a miniature ceramic bun tray with a two-pronged fork. They reeked of garlic and their texture was that of a large, chewy mushroom. My dad kept bumping the table and saying, look! Did you see that one move?

Just a few more ferns to go and the first one will be finished. I was really surprised how quickly it started to move along once I got into it.

Thankfully, I’ve never seen elephant on a menu… but I like them just as much.

I’m thinking about a little girls cardigan. Circular yoke, cream and pink trim.

Remember those Yarn Forward patterns I was talking about? Well, this is the Spring issue cardigan.

See more photos from the magazine here, here and here.

The Summer issue top ended up looking like this.

The photography was a little underlit so I regret not taking better photos myself. I usually finish up these things the night before they have to be sent off, at which point I just want to package them up and not fumble about with a tripod in my pyjamas! Anyway, it’s always nice to see one’s name in print.

In case I forget to tell you – I’m going to Thailand next Friday. Going to the States last month was quite a last minute decision whereas going to Thailand has been on the cards for at least a year. I’m going with Alb, thankfully. I’ve had my vaccinations – hepatitis, typhoid, dyphtheria, tetanus, polio – which probably explains why I was feeling a bit off last week. At least I didn’t get typhoid or something. When I got my mumps booster in college, I woke up the following morning with mini-mumps and was completely deaf for two days.

10 thoughts on “Escargots et éléphants

  1. Your dad and my dad are cut from the same cloth.

    THAILAND?! And you’re just mentioning it NOW?! When am I gonna see you then?!?!!?

  2. Enjoy Thailand, and good luck with the local yarn search :).

    Congratulations on all the publications!

  3. The patterns look great! Congratulations! Is the little girl’s cardigan also destined for publication? Just asking…I have a little girl who wears a lot of what I knit!

  4. love that “granny smith” apple green colour!( do you call them granny smiths overseas? )the cardigan is great~! i wonder if they sell that magazine here in oz?

  5. Congratulations !!! You are going to Thailand ???? When I read that I thought : “oh she’s going to say that it’s a joke…or that Thailand is going to be the name of an Irish town (how silly I am)…but it looks that you’re really going to Thailand !!! Don’t forget your camera, we want a complete report 😉

  6. Congratulations! The patterns are wonderful, well done. We’re proud of ye! (Yeah, my Dad used to do that kinda thing too – it brought me back!)

  7. AND I love this mitten, too!! Are these all your patterns? Are they available to the public! There is such a shortage of beautiful mitten patterns out there! 🙂

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