I’m… spinning around….

Today, I took my first class at This is Knit in spinning! I have dabbled previously and have mysteriously acquired a delicious selection of roving (I think that fibre stash is even more dangerous than yarn stash on the basis that it grows more yarn…), but never had any proper instruction. The class was given by the lovely Diane who was patient, encouraging and was able to help me with my problems with plying.

My first problem was that the balls that I wound off kept knotting up together and making an unholy mess. My second problem was that one of my singles is invariably shorter than the other: what does one do with the long tail? Andean ply, of course! I had read all about it but it is one of those odd things that are so obvious when you see it done and is impossible to describe adequately in words.

Results to come tomorrow. Yay! Spinning!

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