“Live free or die”

Inspiring motto, no? We passed through New Hampshire on our way here but the sign passed by too quickly to get a photo. Obviously, NH takes its freedom very seriously.

The house where we are staying is the kind that has old skis on the wall.

There is a big stone fireplace, squishy couches, yellow and blue deck chairs and a long, long lawn where I saw a groundhog rooting around yesterday morning. I feel like I am half in Knitter’s Almanac and half in The Shining. Quite the mix but I’ve been sleeping well enough so far!

Yesterday was our first full day here. My sister sliced her index finger open while making lunch. We decided to go kayaking in the afternoon and see if it would stop bleeding, but it didn’t. So, I sat with her for two hours while she got stitched up. I know some of you guys might not like to see bleeding fingers over your cuppa so you can look here for the before stitches, doctor stitching up and finished product. (None are really gorey at all, promise).

Kayaking was great, by the way! I didn’t bring my camera for obvious reasons and anyway, it’s sort of hard to capture oneself in all one’s kayaking glory.

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