Commuter Knitting

Here it is! As promised! The Commuter Sock a la Magic LoOp!

I knitted this much today on the bus to and from Sandymount (I teach two kids there). I am using the Broadripple pattern, Tivoli Tweed in double knitting, and the fabulous new Addi needles my Secret Pal sent me. Mmm they’re delicious.

The double knitting weight in the tivoli tweed is really great for socks. It’s a wool-alpaca mix, which makes them itchy to wear until you wash them, but super warm. I like how they have good sock colours too. The navy, above, blue and an off-cream are colours that I’ve bought. In fact, I’ve put two balls of the creamy colour into my secret pal’s package. Let’s hope she likes.

Tomorrow I’ll have to turn the heel, and I’m very curious how that’s going to work out with this new technique.

2 thoughts on “Commuter Knitting

  1. Don’t you just LOVE the magic loop technique! It is so fab for commuter knitting too. My husband and I carpool to work and I love how I can just fit some sock knitting into my purse and knit while he drives.

    Turning the heel is super easy! What I do is after you pick up stitches I use stitch markers to mark where the “needles” are separated if following a pattern that calls for double pointed needles.

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