June 18, 2008

February Lady

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I associate happy memories with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Almanac. I bought it in November 2006 in the Barnes & Noble on Union Square in Manhattan. I remember not even opening the cover before I bought it: I wanted to save it for the train home. I wended my way back to Penn Station, the streets all bright lights and shadows because it was coming up to Christmas. I stopped off to buy a pretzel and a coffee and I recall so clearly a businessman in the queue ahead of me, with his heavy wool coat, his shining briefcase and matching leather shoes, not a hair out of place, asking the woman on the till for golden dollar coins instead of notes. She didn’t have any – but I did, having received a deluge of change from the subway ticket machine that morning. I pulled at his sleeve and offered to swap him five coins for a note. He was so happy; he collected them.

Settled and seated, I cracked open the covers and dove right in. Knitting Alamanc has a chapter for each month of the year and is interspersed with projects suitable for the month and personal writings from Zimmermann herself. I soon reached ‘February’ and the February Baby Sweater. Along with the Baby Surprise Jacket, this has become a standard Zimmermann baby knit – but I don’t know any babies and so do not knit for them! Therefore I was delighted to find an adult version here, thanks to Ravelry.

I am knitting mine out of Lamb’s Pride Worsted and I am really impressed with the drape of it. I started on the first sleeve last night. I’m not sure what length to make the sleeves. I will probably go with a baggy full length sleeve. Anyway, it was nice to dig out my Almanac and remember the smell of a shiny golden pretzel and that dazzling American smile.


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  1. Hi Aileen, i downloaded this pattern a little while ago too, i really want to try and make it out of some of my handspun.
    This jacket reminds me of the bed coats that were fashionable for women to knit & wear in the 40’s & 50’s – i have a lot of these patterns which could easily be turned into a sweater 🙂

    Comment by val — June 25, 2008 @ 00:17

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