Today, a girl burst into tears so suddenly and so violently my sight reading got wet. The tears literally squirted out of her eyes. Yesterday, another girl’s father came in to warn me that his daughter was going to cry. His certainty made me a little wary but sure enough, she entered howling and exited howling and howled through the whole darned lot. I am always surprised when people burst into tears, usually because they have been doing really well up to that point and are usually the type who do well overall in most things.

I found three spiders on my person today: hair, arm, pen. (My pen has become an extension of my arm).

The thought of my broken needle causes me physical pain but I’m bracing myself to relay the news that I switched back to my Addis. Sigh. They’re just not the same. It does take more than that to stop me, though, and now I have another problem: I have run out of yarn.

I thought a chinese would help cheer me up last night but it appears that I now have the alimentary age of a ninety year old and have been reduced to mushy banans and mugs of tea. Still, could be worse. I could be allergic to tea or not grow so many spiders.

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  1. You have really been through the wars lately, haven’t you?!? Just remember, it’ll all be over soon… Make that your mantra!

    Please stop growing spiders though – it gives me the shivers 🙁

    See you when you get back 🙂

  2. Finding spiders on you is supposed to signify that you’ll get some money soon. Many spiders = much money?

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