Chicken Casserole

Tonight, I made my favourite dinner, and thought I’d share my recipe with you.

Nobody takes my clucking seriously!

Note: You can substitute chicken with steak, pork or lamb no problem.

Ingredients (makes dinner for two):
2 chicken legs.
4 carrots.
an onion.
4 big potatoes.
a parsnip or some turnips if desired.
broccoli too if you like.

Ketchup or tomato purée.
Mixed herbs.

1. Fry your chicken legs with a little oil in a big pot. I like to use chicken legs because they’re much tastier than chicken breast, but use whatever parts you like. Frying them seals in the flavour.
2. While it’s frying, chop up your veg. Cut the potatoes in half if they’re monsters.
3. Boil the kettle and make yourself a cuppa. Squeeze some ketchup or purée into a jug, about a tablespoon is good. Shake your herbs into this, depending on your taste. Use the left over hot water in the kettle to mix this into a stock – about a quarter of a litre. If you’d prefer to use a chicken/meat stock cube, a la Oxo, fire away.
4. By now your chicken should be cooked. Pour in the stock, and throw in the veg. Bring it to the boil and leave to cook for a good half an hour.
5. If you want to put in broccoli too, wait until it’s 5 minutes from being ready, then throw it in on top.

I don’t really like boiling vegetables, but since all the vegetable juice here goes into the stock which you eat, I think it’s ok!

Got the other mitten finished! No embroidery yet, maybe tomorrow. But thank God they’re finished, it’s so cold these days.

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